Digital Marketing Strategy – Is Your Web Marketing Plan Solid?

Cycle Of Continuous Improvement

Digital marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy. We live in a technology driven era. Poor digital marketing could be catastrophic for online retailers. Mostly the average customer will choose the website that is easiest to find and navigate. Overall without proper attention your website could become more of a hindrance than a boon. Therefore whether you require just one banner or a complete digital marketing strategy I have it covered. In conclusion your strategy must be a cost effective way of increasing sales for your business.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

The completion of your website is the first step. The next step is to drive traffic to your corner of the internet. A quick way to do this is the use of online advertising services such as Google Adwords. Although this can quickly become expensive, if managed correctly it can become a crucial, cost effective traffic source. I have a proven track record using Adwords to drive traffic for my clients.

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Google Adwords Campaign Management

Adwords Campaign ManagementGoogle Adwords and similar tools can form a highly effective part of your digital marketing strategy. They offer you an easy way to appear at the top of search results. In addition they allow your adverts to be shown on a wide range of websites and platforms. This results in driving more traffic to your site and potentially generates more leads. Despite the positives, this method can become expensive very quickly and consequently must be well managed.

Despite the potential risks Google Adwords can be very beneficial if managed properly. All keywords must be extensively researched to ensure the most relevant keywords are in use at all times. Budgets and campaign goals also require periodic review.

Do you need help managing your Google Adwords Campaign? Digital Media Rocks offers Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaign management from just £120 per week. Call me now on 07464 094216 or fill in this enquiry form.

SEO Audits

SEO AuditIn my experience Search Engine Optimisation can play an essential role in your digital marketing strategy. SEO offers a great way to review content and focus it on the needs of your customers. Furthermore it allows you to review how customers interact with your website. This can be done using a number of tools to assist you in reviewing which keywords drive customers to your website and how customers use your site. It also allows you to find keywords that may be of use to help generate leads. SEO Audits can help you decipher how customers are using your website. In addition SEO uncovers problems such as broken links, unpopular pages and the cause of slow loading pages.

Further to this I also offer advice with on-page optimisation to give my customers an edge over the competition.

Digital Media Rocks offers SEO Audits for a £120 one of payment. Call me now on 07464 094216 or fill in this enquiry form.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail marketing is a great way to generate sales from your existing customers. Value added products and email shots revolving around new product lines and offers encourage repeat custom. Furthermore it offers a great way to keep customers thinking about your brand long after the last sale. Email marketing campaigns are an important addition alongside your social media campaigns.

If you are looking to start an email marketing campaign you should firstly look to accumulate a list of customer email addresses. This is usually done at the point of sale. You must request permission to use your customer’s details in this manner. Information about this is typically included in the terms & conditions section of your site.

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Banner Advertising

Banner AdvertisingBanner advertising is a great way to increase brand recognition. Banners can encourage people to take an interest in your brand or product thus engage with the business. Pay Per Click banner advertising is available through Google Adwords. Pay Per View banner advertising is available via Facebook. Both methods can be great way for your business to engage with their audience.

Digital Media Rocks can create banners to be used with existing advertising campaigns or new ones for £60 per banner. I offer the opportunity to manage banner advertising campaigns either independently or alongside existing advertising campaigns. In addition I can manage advertising campaigns on your behalf for £120 per week.

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