Network Rail

My work with Network Rail was completed in 2009. Whilst working for them I was in charge of continued development and updating of the No Messin’! website with the help of the marketing executives involved with the project. I also carried out updates to their main website and intranet site.

Further work carried out includes print work shown on this page and mock-ups I created for their new intranet site.

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No Messin'!

No Messin’!

Network Rail’s No Messin’! project was aimed at keeping children away from trains and railway lines, making local activities more accessible and providing rail safety information. Further information about my work carried out for No Messin’! can be found here.

Network Rail Intranet

Intranet Site Sample

My time at Network Rail included the creation of template samples of their intranet site such as this one for an updated version of their intranet site to be used with IBM WebSphere. This project continued after the completion of my contract with Network Rail. Another sample can be found here.

Network Rail Freight Advert

Freight Advert

This freight advert was created on behalf of Network Rail to enter a freight and logistics magazine promoting the use of freight to transport goods.

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