No Messin’!

The No Messin’! project was developed by Network Rail in an effort to help keep youth away from the rail tracks. The aim of this campaign was to reduce crime such as trespassing, vandalism of property and other incidents resulting in injury of staff or members of the public.

This involved public events promoting alternative activities and a strong message regarding rail safety and the sponsorship of local support groups that provided support to troubled youngsters and activity clubs.

Much of my role at Network Rail involved updating the No Messin’! website, YouTube page and MySpace page with information regarding upcoming events, promotional videos and photos and information about previous events.

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Print Work

Whilst working for Network Rail I designed some print work on their behalf. This included the creation of a magazine for Scottish Rail Reps, an initiative that ran along side No Messin’!. Please find the samples below.

NoMessin'! Magazine Advert

NoMessin’! Magazine Advert


No Messin'! Advert A6

No Messin’! Advert A6


Scottish Rail Reps

Scottish Rail Reps

No Messin'!


The homepage not only acted as a gateway to the rest of the site with links clearly marked across the top of the page but also as a bulletin board containing the latest news from No Messin’! including site updates, news about upcoming events and past activities.


Fun Stuff

Whilst working on the No Messin’! website I spent the time to develop the Fun Stuff page. This page was developed as a parent page for the Gallery, Videos, Music and Game section accessible from the menu. This page included some of the latest content from each section allowing for a quick and easy way to access to the content.



I built the video section to hold all the videos on the No Messin’! website. This included a sub-section dedicated to freestyle footballer Collin Nell who appeared at all the events. The page layout was designed in a way that fits in with the rest of the site whilst providing an easy to use design experience.



Developed by an agency, the game features the No Messin’! mascot Maverick and is littered with rail safety information. My involvement with this page consisted of creating a background image for the game and implementing it into the page as it previously opened in a new window. This provided a more seamless user experience.

Chillin With...

Chillin With…

I worked with the marketing executives to develop this section showcasing interviews with celebrities involved with the No Messin’! campaign. The section was also accompanied by links to videos and wallpapers when available.



The competition page was created in coalition with the promotion giving people a chance to win a Wii with the results being announced at an upcoming event. The page involved an ASP script with entries been sent to the administrator managing the event emails.

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