Refuge’s Raise Your Hand Campaign

During my time at CMW Interactive I carried out work for Refuge’s “Raise Your Hand” campaign to raise donations and awareness about domestic violence against women. This included celebrity endorsement, an email campaign and a micro site made available via their homepage.

My work included taking design samples made by another member of staff and carrying out the development work required.

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Refuge Raise Your Hand Microsite

Raise Your Hand Microsite

The microsite was made available via a gateway on the homepage and an email marketing campaign. The microsite included celebrity quotes, donation buttons and a messages of support from donors.

Refuge Raise Your Hand Home Gateway

Raise Your Hand Home Gateway

The Raise Your Hand Gateway was designed as a call to action to go on the site homepage as a standalone element designed to fit in with the site look whilst meeting predefined dimensions.

Refuge Raise Your Hand Email Campaign

Raise Your Hand Email Campaign

The email sent out as part of the campaign was written by Refuge CEO Sandra Horley. The email included many ‘call to actions’ through the use of clear buttons and was designed to fit in with the rest of the campaign whilst being placed on a white background to seem more like a letter.

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