Travel and Leisure Group

Established in 1992 Travel and Leisure Group is one of the most well known timeshare resellers, recommended by their customers and timeshare resorts alike. Travel and Leisure Group offer timeshare for sale around the globe and have customers throughout Europe with multilingual staff on hand to help.

Whilst working with Travel and Leisure Group I have completed extensive work on their site including writing many of their resort descriptions and the creation of developer pages. I have also made many technical changes to their website such as making their product listing pages show individual meta content, creating the ‘Timeshare Map’ feature and bringing the ‘Seller Enquiry’ page onto their site. This was previously hosted with Instapage. I also introduced the ‘Nearby Resorts’ and ‘Popular Resorts’ feature to their search results.

Further work has included solving content related problems such as finding and fixing broken links, improving content layout and speeding up the site as part of an SEO Audit.

I have written many blog posts on their behalf, posted links to their social networks, spent time managing their Google Adwords account and analysing the site using Google Analytics.

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Timeshare Map

Timeshare Map

I created this page to make it easier for customers to find timeshare in their favoured locations. Many competitors also have similar pages on their website. The page updates nightly using a PHP script ran using Crontab. The page quickly became one of the most visited pages on the site.

Selling Page

Selling Page

I incorporated this into the website after it was previously hosted with Instapage, making it easier to keep an eye on the number of guests visiting the page. Doing so made it easier to keep track of customers signing up to their service and monitor user flow through the site using Google Analytics.

Developer Page

Developer Page

Whilst working for Travel and Leisure Group I have written many developer pages. These not only helped me focus on developer brand names from an SEO perspective but also acted as cornerstone pages for many of the resorts thus improving their web positioning.

Resort Page

Resort Page

I have made many changes to the resort page such as adding the contact form to the right hand side of the page and moving the map above the form. I also added customer listings to this page in an effort to improve SEO positioning. Despite improving rankings, listings have been removed from resort pages.

Country Page

Country Page

I have completely redeveloped the country pages during my time with the company in an effort to improve results and the page layout. This includes bringing resorts with available listings to the centre of the page. I also added fresh content and photos to prominent countries to improve search rankings and make them more eye catching.


Social Media

I took the time to work on their online presence through the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This is having positive results, especially on Twitter and slow growth of ‘Likes’ on Facebook. I believe much improvement could be made by monetising links.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics & Adwords

Whilst working for Travel and Leisure Group I have spent time managing both their Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts. This involved monitoring user flow, search queries and keyword positioning in Google Analytics whilst looking for SEO opportunities. I also monitored keyword bids, cost and ad performance.

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