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Looking for web design services in Ipswich, Colchester or Bury St Edmunds? Then look no further, Digital Media Rocks is your one-stop shop for web design, email marketing and SEO. Having offered web design services for over 14 years I believe I have the experience and expertise you need to get your site up and running. Furthermore we also offer digital marketing advice and services to help improve search rankings, bring in clients and give you an edge over your competitors.

At Digital Media Rocks we offer a range of website packages to suit every budget. Below I have included the steps I take when creating or updating a website to give a better understanding of what customers get for their money.

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Coming Up With The Website’s Design

Web DesignWhilst creating a website I first take time to discuss the project with a client to best meet their needs. After coming up with the website’s design I show the client and discuss it with them. This gives me the chance to discuss the design with them and make sure we are in agreement with the look of the site and how customers are expected to interact with it before taking things further.

Once given the go ahead I then start the development process. This can range from creating a web template for an existing CMS and developing required purpose built features. Alternatively a project may require developing from the ground up.

Typically my content management system of choice is WordPress with the addition of WooCommerce for small shops. I also like to use Zen Cart as an eCommerce solution for larger projects.

Redesigning An Existing Website

Redesigning Existing WebsiteWhen asked to redesign an existing website I typically make an effort to build a new template using the existing system. This helps preserve the existing URL structure and site content. Despite this clients can expect the new website to have a fresh design and be fully featured. As the work involved in redesigning an existing website can vary I would need to review the site and work requested before giving a quote.

A benefit to working with existing sites includes the chance to review analytics and how customers use the site. This helps in the effort to improve the site’s usability and flow. This also gives clients a chance to rethink how the website works for them and how it fits in with their marketing strategy.

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Testing a Website

Testing A websiteDuring the testing phase websites created are tested with a range of technologies. This includes an iPhone, iPad, an Android tablet and Android phone. The website is also tested in a range of desktop browsers at popular resolutions. I also examine the flow of traffic and how customers use the website if possible. This allows me to see how customers interact with the site and look for ways to improve the template.

Testing is done using a variety of tools allowing me to find parts of the site that are not working. This can includes broken or images, pages loading slowly, pages displaying poorly on the desktop or mobile devices or even poorly laid out pages.

I also offer site testing as part of an SEO Audit. This helps find the cause of low conversion rates or why your site may not be displaying in your intended search results.

Further Web Design & Development Work

Further Development WorkOn completion of a website, clients may wish to have additional work done to their website. This can be done to help give a competitive edge or improve the site’s usability. Clients may also wish to make a site easier to administer or improve employee work flow.

Examples of features added include displaying products using a custom sort order or adding a shipping feature to a shopping sites administration panel. Further development includes developing scripts allowing for site wide changes and template changes to help highlight key aspects of a page.

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Promoting Your Website

Promoting Your WebsiteOn completion of your website the next step would be to start promoting it. A good first step would be to look at competitor sites content and start thinking about your SEO strategy. This will help you give consideration to your SEO strategy whilst populating the site with content.

Other methods of promotion can also be given consideration such as including the domain name in other promotional activities. This can include print work or web related activities such as eBay listings and social network pages. Clients may also choose to advertise their website using paid advertising. This can include paid for services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising or the use of banner adverts.

Aside from providing web design services, I can also provide promotional material as part of a combined marketing effort. This can include a mixture of banner advertising, email marketing and a micro site. This can also be used alongside other marketing efforts such as a television/YouTube commercial allowing for a further exposure.

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